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TinyMobileRobots Named Robotic Line Painting Partner of the NFHS


This news certainly got our attention — and should pique the interest of team dealers as well. Recent news out of Denmark – yes, Denmark – announced that TinyMobileRobots, a maker of fully autonomous GPS line marking robots, and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) have entered into a  partnership that makes the Danish company the official and exclusive robotic line painting partner of the NFHS.

An explanation is in order: It seems that TinyMobileRobots autonomously mark lines for virtually every type of sports field, including soccer, football, lacrosse, track and field and all diamond sports. The technology is already used by hundreds of amateur and professional sports teams, school districts and universities across the U.S. to reduce time, use less paint, save money and help solve labor shortages in field maintenance. For instance, the robots can complete the initial marking of an entire soccer field in 20 minutes (down from five hours) or an entire football field in under three hours (down from 20 hours).  

“We look forward to promoting the incredible technology and innovation of TinyMobileRobots and perhaps providing high school administrators with a helpful solution to the time-consuming task of field maintenance,” explains NFHS CEO Dr. Karissa Niehoff.

TinyMobileRobots are accurate down to 0.4-0.8 inches and are operated by a simple mobile app that comes preinstalled on the accompanying tablet that is included with every robot. No technical experience is required. Each robot has access to more than 200 predesigned field configurations, which can be modified in less than a minute directly from the tablet.

“Most people don’t realize the incredible time and effort that goes into maintaining high quality, safe athletic fields,” adds Jeffrey Schuldt, executive VP–U.S. and Canada of TinyMobileRobots. “Our robots deliver tremendous value and help customers address their budget and labor challenges, while being environmentally sensitive by using less paint and producing higher quality lines than manual painting.”