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On Guard: Evoshield Two-Piece Elbow Guard

More coverage is good coverage when it comes to protecting a batter’s elbow and the Two-Piece Elbow Guard from Evoshield offers just that. It comes in three colorways (black, white and USA) and is worn in the pros by, among others, Fernando Tatis Jr, Jesse Winker, Ronald Acuña Jr., JJ Bleday and Jeff McNeil.

Sweet Swing: Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Bat

It’s all about bat speed and sweet spots at the highest levels of fastpitch softball and Louisville Slugger’s Meta Fastpitch Bat provides it with a patent-pending cantilevered gapped barrel design that maximizes performance by expanding the sweet spot. Meta’s Mash Composite works with its gapped wall design — unlike other gapped wall bats, the Meta’s cantilevered inner barrel is not connected at the end cap, allowing it to translate on impact. This results in performance along the entire barrel and a unique sound that cannot be ignored. In addition, a two-piece design featuring the VTX Connection System allows for more independent movement between barrel and handle.

Glove Love: Rawlings REV1X Baseball Gloves

A baseball glove is much more than just cowhide and leather stitching these days and Rawlings has taken it to a higher level with a milestone in the evolution of glove design with its release of the REV1X series of baseball gloves. In development for several years, the REV1X uses the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) process to develop an optimized lattice structure. Rawlings’ engineers partnered with Carbon to create the REV1X’s sleek 3D profile, marked by thinner, yet sturdier padding that won’t deteriorate over time.

Batting Practice Enlivened: Rapsodo Game Mode

Batting practice can be a bit boring and repetitive sometimes, so why not use technology to make a game out of it. A company called Rapsodo lhas developed an interactive Game Mode that integrates directly with itss existing Hitting 2.0 device and pairs with the Rapsodo Diamond App on an iPad or can be mirrored to Apple TV. Paired with Hitting 2.0 hardware and its pro level data, players can transform batting cage boredom into an interactive competition complete with target practice, hitting practice and home run derby games. Hitters can play against each other in friendly competitions with hitting data-overlay that includes 3D ball flight and hit outcomes for every swing. Players can battle one-on-one, or whole teams can compete in tournament-style games such as bracket or round robin tournaments.

Living in the Cloud: BaseballCloud Training Software

BaseballCloud, a baseball software suite that allows coaches and players to make use of their performance metrics, has acquired Yakkertech, a rapidly growing optical tracking solution that has taken the collegiate data-capturing game by storm. This deal will allow the two parties to create an end-to-end solution, allowing for the integration of a live data feed that will give coaches and players the opportunity to make adjustments in real time. Additionally, Yakkertech will become the only in-game solution downstream that captures data and analysis-grade video of the pitcher and hitter simultaneously.

Flex For Strength: Champro C-Flex Elbow Guard

Protection and ease of movement are vital for batters and Champro’s C-Flex baseball elbow guards provide both — all of the protection needed while not compromising movement. The C-Flex technology features soft, flexible pads that are lightweight but instantly harden on impact to absorb energy. Available in a strapped and compression fit in adult and youth sizing.

Feel the Glove: Wilson A2000 and A1000 Baseball Gloves

An iconic name in baseball gloves, Wilson has upgraded its equally iconic A2000 and A1000 gloves with some high-tech features, along with a new Mookie Betts  A2K model. The A2000’s include new Tim Anderson, Ke’Bryan Hayes, and Sierra Romero game models are built with SuperSkin to Spin Control Technology and Pedroia Fit.

Changing The Game Again: Spalding TF Basketball

Back in 1992, Spalding changed the hoops game when it debuted a basketball made with composite leather — the TF-1000. The iconic ball has now been updated with a microfiber cover that wicks away sweat for better grip and has a game-ready feel. Its cushioned carcass provides a true bounce.

Inflatable Expectations: Champion Sports Smart Digital Electronic Inflator

No more pumping by hand and guessing the PSI when inflating a ball. The Smart Digital Electronic Inflator from Champion Sports is powerful and compact, weighing in at a little over two pounds. Users simply switch it on, choose the desired mode and press the start button — the pump will automatically stop when the pressure in the ball reaches the set value.

Keeping Sterile: Cliff Keen Sterilaser

Protection from germs and bacteria is top-of-mind and the two versions of Cliff Keen’s high tech product – the Deluxe Sterilaser Floor Unit powered with an external battery pack and the basic Sterilaser Floor Unit powered by an extension chord – deliver 53,000 microwatts of germicidal light that neutralizes more than 99 percent of pathogens, such as COVID-19, ringworm, impetigo and MRSA, in less than 0.25 seconds.

Quench Your Thirst: Mueller Quench Electrolyte Sports Gum

Yes, even a simple piece of gum can be a technical product these days. In this case it is the venerable Quench gum from Mueller Sports Medicine, a product that has been around since the 1970s but has been re-formulated and is now called Quench Electrolyte Sports Gum. It is now packed with electrolytes and “bursting with flavor,” according to the company. The relaunch features electrolytes, longer-lasting natural flavors and a softer chew.

Ready, Set … Go Wireless: Gill Athletics Halo Starting Device

Starter guns are so 2020 and now for schools that value safety the Gill Athletics Halo Starting Device’s  patent-pending ring design reduces the concern of guns at the track. Unlike traditional starting pistols that require costly blanks, the Halo device is an electronic system that can connect wirelessly to the Wireless Starter System and produce both the traditional bang sound and an audible tone. Users can connect to the Multiple Speaker System to disperse sound.