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Team Technology: Alli Sports Group Partners With OMG


With a strong sales team already in place, an established reputation among its existing clients and its regional  team dealer alliance taking shape, the recently formed Alli Sports Group (ASG)  has taken a significant step by entering into a multi-year partnership with OrderMyGear that makes OMG its exclusive technology provider for online stores.

ASG was founded in 2021 when Johnson-Lambe, First Team Sports Center of the Carolinas and Baker's Sporting Goods formed an alliance. All three team dealers were already OMG clients and this new partnership will now allow ASG sales representatives to offer branded, retail-like online stores for all of their customers.

"This partnership with ASG further demonstrates OMG's commitment to the team sporting goods space, helping dealers unlock their full potential," OMG president Matt Kaplan tells TeamInsightExtra. "We are dedicated to the success of this industry and I believe this alliance will create new opportunities for immense growth."

"When OMG was created it changed everything for the team sports industry and for our companies — it made us better," adds Rhett Johnson with Johnson-Lambe, an OMG client since 2010. "With the creation of the Alli Sports Group, we are looking to change and better everything we do and how we do it. There's no one better in the industry to partner with than OMG to help us accomplish this."

"OMG has been nothing less than a game-changer for our business and is one of the greatest innovations in the sporting goods industry that we've seen in the past 40 years," agrees Mike Miros, with First Team Sports Center of the Carolinas, an OMG client since 2014. "Our sales using OMG during the pandemic were instrumental in keeping our business going. Rest assured, with the partnership of OMG and Alli Sports Group I see nothing but great things in the future and look forward to all of us doing great things together."

Adds Josh Baker, of Baker's Sporting Goods, an OMG client since 2016: "Mike Miros, Rhett Johnson and myself formed the Alli Sports Group based on the similarities of our companies. At the core of these similarities is our relationship with OMG. Our online team store division is the fastest-growing division within our company and definitely the future of the industry."