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Stahls’ and Transfer Express Name Small Business Scholarship Winner


Illustrating its continued support for small businesses across America, Stahls’ and Transfer Express recently shared the story of their first Stahl Family Small Business Scholarship $10,000 Shop Makeover winner.

Each quarter in 2022, STAHLS’ awarded a shop makeover worth $10,000. Scholarship winners received a heat-printing business makeover tailored specifically to their needs, including new equipment, onsite training and Stahls’ expert coaching sessions. 

The first $10,000 shop makeover winner was Jessie Mommsen from Threads and Inks. Her story and insights and how she got started in the business and grew her business into what it is today can be found by clicking here.

Celebrating 90 years of business, Stahls’ aspires to see small businesses reach new heights and is committed to expanding the Stahls’ family of heat printing entrepreneurs. Programs like the Stahl Family Small Business Scholarship demonstrate the company’s dedication to investing back in their customers. 

Learn more about the Stahl Family Small Business Scholarship by clicking here.