SKLZ Enters Lacrosse Market


There’s a new player in the lacrosse training business as SKLZ has unveiled two lacrosse training products — the Quickster Lacrosse Goal and the Universal Shooting Targets.

With formal practices disrupted and more athletes looking to improve their training at home, SKLZ has developed these lacrosse products to help athletes improve their performance with premium, durable, portable training solutions.

The SKLZ Quickster Lacrosse Goal is a training product for athletes looking for a portable and affordable option for backyard and on-the-go practices. The Quickster Lacrosse Goal is an alternative to bulky metal goals that are hard to set up and store. Featuring a regulation size of 6’ x 6’, the lacrosse goal is designed for both shooting drills and scrimmage play. The Tension-Tite frame technology, quick connect tubing and Quickclip attachments allow for easy setup and breakdown. The lightweight and portable design is built with durable netting and webbing to withstand multiple seasons’ worth of training. The Quickster Lacrosse goal comes with ground stakes and a carry bag are included, and retails for $149.99.

The second new product, the SKLZ Universal Shooting Target, helps athletes improve shot accuracy by building a visual focus, and can be placed anywhere on the frame of a metal goal. They are durable and easy to use, giving athletes a better option than hanging shirts or bags in the corner of their goal. The durable, flexible composite material is for both lacrosse and hockey. The square design allows targets to sit flush and be positioned in the corners of the goal. The quick attachments allow for multiple shot locations. The Universal Shooting Targets are available in a 2-pack, and retail for $39.99.

In another product development, SKLZ has developed a training platform for athletes and coaches designed to engage both the brain and body during training. Called SKLZ Athletic Intelligence, it debuted this week in partnership with the SwitchedOn training app, and offers products and programming for athletes to train reaction time, hand-eye coordination, rapid decision-making and agility.

Cognitive training, or brain training, has become one of the most important new developmental sciences in athletic training. Traditionally, cognitive training has been independent from physical, athletic training. Athletes train their brain and their body separately. However, in sport, the brain and body rarely work independently of one another.

SKLZ Athletic Intelligence is designed to help athletes engage both their brain and body during training to work together to perceive what’s happening around them, process the incoming information and perform the task at hand to be better prepared for game-time situations.

“The best athletes move through these motions faster and more accurately than their competition, leading them to excel both on and off the field. We have developed a way to help athletes tap into their highest potential by designing products and programs for the athlete to train these abilities,” explains Michael Cummings, director of education for Implus Fitness Brands. “The SKLZ Athletic Intelligence products paired with the SwitchedOn app create a training system that helps improve the brain function required in all sports.”

The first two SKLZ Athletic Intelligence products to launch are the Reactive Catch and the Reactive Agility Ladder.

SKLZ Reactive Catch | $29.99 MSRP

The Reactive Catch helps improve reaction time and rapid decision-making by engaging the brain and body during training. By engaging the brain and body together, athletes are able to develop AI enhancing their ability to react to incoming stimuli, resulting in increased game day performance.

SKLZ Reactive Agility Ladder | $49.99 MSRP

The Reactive Agility Ladder helps athletes improve acceleration, lateral speed, change of direction and reaction time by engaging the brain and body during training. By simulating game day environments to better mimic sports and make agility training more complex, athletes are able to develop AI which helps im-prove their ability to react to incoming stimuli, resulting in in-creased game day performance.

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