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Skims Becomes Official Underwear Of NBA


OK, we admit we didn’t even think the NBA needed an official underwear partner, but apparently when Kim Kardashian is involved there is some sort of logical connection. Anyway, earlier this week Skims, co-founded by Kardashian, entered into a three-year deal to be the “official underwear partner” of the NBA, WNBA and USA Basketball.

Skims will reportedly receive media exposure – as if Kardashian needs more exposure – across various league platforms, including on-court virtual signage during NBA and WNBA national broadcasts and the leagues’ social and digital media platforms.

“Skims has quickly become one of our most culturally influential brands,” said NBA commissioner Adam Silver. “We look forward to bringing NBA fans and Skims users unique experiences, new offerings and premium products through our partnership.”

“I am incredibly proud of Skims’ partnership with the NBA, as it is a reflection of Skims’ growing influence on culture,” added Kardashian. “Together, Skims and the NBA will connect people of all backgrounds through fashion, sport and talent.”