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Outdoor Trade Group Launches IndieOutdoor


Ahead of this week’s Grassroots Connect buying show in Kansas City, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance announced the launch of IndieOutdoor, a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association that it says will deliver real-time sales data, local marketing support and a united national voice to all outdoor categories of independent specialty retail.

The stated goal of IndieOutdoor is to “harness the power of Indie retail sales data, improve consumer understanding of the economic and community value of local businesses, and speak with a collective and inclusive voice on key national topics.”

In the past year, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance has aired its grievances about outdoor retail sales data from other groups that GOA does not think has been reflective of its specialty retail group’s true sales data.

IndieOutdoor will build on a core of 200 Grassroots member retailer locations, and is now accepting new membership applications from retailers, brands, associations, and others with a vested interest in the health and growth of specialty outdoor retail. The aim is to include a far broader reach of independent doors beyond just GOA members.

“IndieOutdoor was built to bring together the national independent retail community,” said Rich Hill, president of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance and co-founder of IndieOutdoor. “Through better data, broader marketing, and a cohesive national presence, IndieOutdoor will be a true difference-maker in the ongoing competition with distinctly un-local Big Box retailers.”

IndieOutdoor was created by Grassroots in partnership with PivotPoint Retail Solutions, the developers of Grassroots’ data insights tool, a platform that provides comparative business performance and inventory analysis using real-time anonymized data-sharing. A benefit of IndieOutdoor membership is participation and access to PivotPoint’s data insights. The first Grassroots trend report powered by IndieOutdoor and PivotPoint is now available at

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Nov 10, 2021


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