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OrthoLite Unveils ESD Shield for Work and Service Footwear


OrthoLite has introduced a new insole technology with the work and service footwear market in mind. OrthoLite ESD Shield is the world’s first and only mechanically-bonded electrostatic discharge protection insole technology. OrthoLite ESD Shield is available in molded insoles and delivers full heel-to-toe ESD protection.

Designed for work and service footwear, ESD Shield is a top cover system that uses OrthoLite’s patented Fiber-Fusion technology utilizing conductive copper fibers that require no-glue and is mechanically bonded to OrthoLite X35 foam designed to deliver ESD insole protection that doesn’t degrade over time while providing the highest level of comfort and performance.

Unlike conventional ESD insole technology that depends on a single row of stitching under the toes, ESD Shield elevates electrostatic discharge effectiveness through an innovative, patent-pending process that mechanically bonds the conductive fibers permanently from heel to toe into the OrthoLite foam using thousands of elliptical needles.

OrthoLite worked with third-party testing laboratory Intertek to quantify ESD Shield’s  performance. Testing protocol and results can be reviewed here.

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Apr 20, 2022


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