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Nike Partners With Roblox On Virtual World


We are not quite sure what to make of this – or its impact on team dealers – but the story weas too much a sign of the times to pass up.

It seems that Nike, in a partnership with a company called, Roblox, is creating a virtual world called NIKELAND (yes, ALL CAPS!). The allure is apparently that users will be able to dress up their avatars in Nike-branded footwear and apparel.

“There’s a new place on Roblox for Nike fans to connect, create, share experiences and compete: NIKELAND,” the company said in a statement. “Nike created this bespoke world with the backdrop of its world headquarters and inside Roblox’s immersive 3D space, building on its goal to turn sport and play into a lifestyle.”

The virtual world includes Nike buildings, fields and arenas for players to compete in various mini-games, ranging from tag and dodgeball to “The Floor Is Lava.” The game is modeled after the company’s Beaverton headquarters.

On NIKELAND, visitors can use the accelerometers in their mobile devices to transfer offline movement to online play, allowing real-life movement in the digital space.

Nike plans to bring NIKELAND to IRL at Nike’s House of Innovation in New York City with a special Snapchat lens. The lens allows people visiting the kids’ floor to see the space transformed into an augmented reality version of NIKELAND, including its signature avatars, games to play, and NIKELAND-inspired Easter eggs to find.

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Dec 2, 2021


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