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New Tech-Infused AVAL Diabetic Socks Introduced


Under its AVAL brand, Drymax Technologies is introducing two new diabetic socks that the brand says are designed to “dramatically improve the environment for the feet inside the shoe.”

The AVAL ACTIVE Diabetic sock uses drymax fiber technology (enhanced with Cupron Copper) throughout the entire foot of the sock. The fibers lift sweat off the skin, transferring it to the sock’s moisture attracting outer layer. Also, the drymax fibers next to the skin provide a drier and more hygienic environment for the skin and toenails than do wet wicking fiber socks, according to the brand.  

The AVAL CASUAL Diabetic sock employs ultra-soft polyester fibers enhanced with Cupron Copper Technology throughout the foot of the sock. The CASUAL Diabetic sock is to be worn by diabetics whose feet never sweat or for those less-active times when feet are not sweating.

Both AVAL Diabetic socks have easy stretch, non-binding legs, and dense protective padding which reduces pressure underfoot, while not adversely affecting shoe fit. Their soft fibers and seamless toe combine to create an "extremely comfortable" sock, according to the brand.

AVAL Diabetic Socks are available in a white and copper color, in Mini-Crew, ¼ Crew and Crew leg heights. MSRP ranges from $12 - $16.