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NCAA Changes Uniform Patch Rule


In an effort to create more consistency on uniforms and to allow for more decipherable patches, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) recently approved the following rules change for all sports effective with the 2021-22 seasons:

  • Increase the maximum size of conference, institutional, commemorative, memorial and social justice patches from 2¼ to four-square inches in all sports, with the exception of football and swimming and diving.
  • In football, patches must not exceed 16-square inches in area.
  • In swimming and diving, patches must not exceed nine-square inches in area.
  • The number of allowable patches on the uniform remains unchanged.
  • Patches are still required to be in the proper location on the uniform per each sport’s playing rules.
  • In accordance with NCAA Bylaws, manufacturer’s logos in all sports remain restricted to a maximum of 2¼ square inches.
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Jul 15, 2021


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