Markwort Sporting Goods Receives Green Business Award

Brett Markwort, GM of Markwort Sporting Goods Company, accepts the 2020 Green Business Award winner in Creve Coeur, MO. Photo courtesy of Creve Coeur-Olivette Chamber of Commerce.

Markwort Sporting Goods was recently honored by the city of Creve Coeur, MO, for making sustainability a major part of its business practices. Markwort received the 2020 Green Business Award as part of the fifth annual Creve Coeur Business Awards at a luncheon on September 17.

The Green Business Award recognizes a Creve Coeur business that has made sustainability an integral part of its business practices. Markwort Sporting Goods was cited for its strong history of environmental initiatives and one of its biggest achievements was a packaging redesign for one of its best-selling products, a softball safety mask. Markwort redesigned the packaging to remove all use of plastic and created a new packaging design that uses a single piece of recyclable cardboard.

Other factors for Markwort receiving the award are its dedication to reducing waste and exploring new ways to package products in an environmentally friendly way and its warehouse using smart thermostats and LED lighting to reduce overall energy use.

Markwort, which was founded in 1931, was also one of a handful of businesses to receive Green Business Certification from the City of Creve Coeur earlier this year, a recognition only presented to businesses that meet a certain standard of green business practices.

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