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Lzrd Tech, NexTex Develop High-Tech Arm Sleeves


True to its entrepreneurial spirit, NexTex Innovations, an Atlanta-based textile technology developer that builds strategic partnerships with brands, entrepreneurs and manufacturers to bring textile innovations to market, has teamed up with Lzrd Tech in the launch of its new athletic arm sleeve engineered specifically to grip the football and protect athletes’ arms by preventing abrasions and limiting turf burn.

Lzrd Tech, is an Atlanta-based company that was created by two Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering students, Mike Pullen, and Mathew Quon in 2019. Pullen, who was a football player in high school, believed there was a need for a better, less slick compression sleeve that would prevent fumbling of the ball, while also providing protection, cooling, and healing. The idea of developing a multi-purpose athletic sleeve with grip on the inside of the arm, and moisture-wicking, quick-drying on the outside germinated after taking a Material Science and Engineering of Sports class, where the professor introduced the students to Chad Lawrence, NexTex Innovations CEO, who at the same time was developing its TDry Technology.  

TDry technology is a patent-pending fabric construction that harnesses the same capillary forces as the root systems in trees and moves moisture away from the skin keeping users dry, comfortable, and more equipped to efficiently maintain their core body temperature. The core mission of the technology is to provide consumers with the most comfortable, sustainable performance textiles.

“NexTex’s TDry Technology, and specifically its TurboDry fabric, was exactly what we were looking for to make our athletic sleeves really stand out,” says Pullen, Lzrd Tech CEO. “It is a high-quality material where you can demonstrate and visually see the moisture move.”

“It’s pretty unique how we came together around the same time as our businesses were developing, during COVID no less,” adds Chad Lawrence, CEO of NexTex Innovations. “It has been fun to watch Lzrd Tech’s success, at the same time we’ve also been enjoying our own. Two no-names teaming up together to create something special for each one of us.”

Since its launch, Lzrd Tech athletic sleeve has achieved success with distribution in major national sporting goods stores, such as Dick’s, Sheels, and Academy.  When COVID-19 prevented team sports from happening, Lzrd Tech found another following for its athletic sleeve -package delivery services. The athletic sleeve’s grip and other performance benefits are helpful to carriers. The company is looking into expanding its product offering beyond athletic sleeves soon.