Lululemon Will Launch Technical Footwear in 2022


Company executives at lululemon confirmed their plans to launch footwear in 2022 during last week’s year-end earnings call with analysts but offered no other specifics about the brand’s strategy for the category other than suggesting the products will allow lululemon “to provide guests with head-to-toe solutions.”

Elsewhere, LULU intends to globally open 40-50 retail doors this year and anticipates 50-65 percent topline growth to $250-275 million from MIRROR, which it acquired last year. Including MIRROR, the company is forecasts FY21 total revenues of $5.55-5.65 billion. In FY20, lululemon grew its topline by 11 percent, including a 23 percent increase in H2, and more than doubled its ecommerce business.

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