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How Consumers Shop For Boots


Comfort and durability are the top traits consumers look for in their boots. And boots are in-style year-round for many consumers. Those are just two of the takeaways from our latest consumer survey which focused on, you guessed it… boots!

The most popular category of boots, according to our survey of 500 consumers, is hiking boots, which 75% of respondents said they regularly buy, followed closely by cold weather/snow boots (68%) and fashion boots (65%).  

When asked where they most often shop for boots, 67% said outdoor stores and 63% said sporting goods stores.

The most important features consumers look for in boots are comfort and durability, followed by waterproofness, insulation and price, according to our survey. 

Not surprisingly, when asked what time of year they most often wear boots, 95% of consumers said winter, but it’s clear that many consumers wear boots year-round as Fall was mentioned by 88%, Spring by 58% and Summer by 30%. 

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