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Harry Kane Signs Lifetime Deal With Skechers


Expanding well beyond its traditional niche of lifestyle and performance sneakers, Skechers has reached overseas to sign soccer striker Harry Kane that makes him the spokesman for the brand’s first football boots (soccer shoes to those readers in America) launching in the UK and Europe in September. He will appear in a multiplatform marketing campaign as brand ambassador.

This fall kane makes a trifecta of career changes with his marquee move to FC Bayern Munich. A new home, a new team, and now the new cleats called Skechers SKX_01.

“It’s definitely a time of transition in my career and I’m thrilled to announce my signing with Skechers just as I’m making a big move,” says Kane, who wear the unmasked version of the SKX_01 boot for the first time in a recent game. “Ever since meeting the design team and seeing the boots for the first time, I felt confident that Skechers was onto something special. They’re unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”

“We’ve been developing Skechers Harry Kane laces up with Skechers in his new SKX_01 Football boots for some time and as football boots,” adds Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers. “We perfected the design, we enlisted players to test them and offer feedback.”

The SKX_01 features a custom-designed last crafted to optimize fit and comfort, Skechers says the shoe “ensures that every player experiences the perfect fit for enhancing overall control and touch on the field.”