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Get Ready for Albert 2

Albert 2’s two-foot-at-once scanning process takes 20 seconds or less.

In February 2021, Aetrex Worldwide is launching the next generation of its 3D foot scanning technology, known as Albert. Aetrex sees Albert 2 as not only being revolutionary in 3D foot scanning, but also as a profit center for retailers.

“The Albert 2 is an easy-to-use, all-in-one scanner that looks beautiful and modern in stores and does everything a retailer could possibly need from a foot scanning technology,” says Larry Schwartz, CEO, Aetrex. “The system eliminates the need for retailers to use traditional, multi-step processes to drive footwear and orthotic sales. The Albert 2 is the fastest, most integrated and streamlined device we’ve ever made.”

How does it work? The customer experience with Albert 2 begins by stepping onto the scanner in-store: The two-foot-at-once scanning process takes 20 seconds or less and can capture both static and dynamic pressure, as well as 3D measurements of the foot. The complete foot data is then used to help customers find the best fitting footwear or orthotics on the first try, based on their unique foot profile. A life-like, 3D animated Albert character guides users through the scanning process, while also responding to voice commands, creating an interactive customer experience. The customer’s unique foot scan data can then be sent via email, allowing users to access to their information after they leave the store.

Schwartz says that retailers can use the data to help increase store profitability by finding the right fit the first time and providing better customer service. They can also use the data, he notes, to build customer relationships and loyalty by creating personalized digital marketing strategies based on foot type. Finding the right fit the first time can also lead to a reduction in ecommerce returns.

A Difference Maker

“What’s really unique about Albert 2 is that it can collect an unbelievable amount of data about customers’ feet, and retailers can use it to overcome many challenges they face today,” says Schwartz.

Aetrex believes that another differentiating aspect of Albert 2 is the bundle with the brand’s orthotics as part of scanning process, offering personalized fitting solutions for customers. “This integrated business model drives add-on sales for retailers, making Albert 2 a profit center rather than a cost center,” says Schwartz.

Fast Facts: Albert 2  

3D Measurements: Albert 2’s 3D foot scan captures key measurements, such as length, width, girth, in-step and arch height. This data is then converted into a 3D model.

Pressure: Pressure plate technology captures complete foot data about customers’ unique arch types and pressure points. Albert 2 can also provide a pressure gait analysis of customers’ feet, including center of gravity throughout the gait cycle.

FitHQ: This software ensures the right fit the first time by using artificial intelligence (AI). It can be synced with retailers’ POS or e-commerce systems to help sales associates recommend the best Aetrex orthotics or best fitting shoes by brand, style and size per customer, based on his or her unique foot scan.

Voice-Activated Learning Center: Using chatbot technology, Albert’s Learning Center helps store associates navigate the software and provide customers with information on foot health and products by simply asking Albert.

Price for Retailers: Albert 2 comes to market in a modern, compact retail footprint and is available to retailers with different kiosk packages, starting at $2,495 or $73/month, with units launching in stores in February 2021.

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