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Brooks Sets Net Zero Carbon Emissions Goal


Brooks, which is launching its first-ever carbon neutral shoe this week, also has announced its new 2030 planet strategy, a science-backed approach that aims to “take responsibility for the impact the brand has on the environment.” It includes a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040. The initiative accelerates commitments the brand already has been working towards, with a focus on climate action and sustainable consumption.

Through its Climate Action program, Brooks is committed to first reducing emissions and then offsetting the rest. Brooks has developed a climate roadmap on how to achieve its emissions reductions with key strategies to decarbonize including converting factories to renewable electricity, converting textile yarns to low impact dyeing processes and sourcing materials with recycled content. Brooks will also purchase high-quality carbon offsets to account for the residual emissions.

The brand will make an immediate impact by offsetting emissions from its highest-volume style, the Ghost with the launch of the Ghost 14 on July 1. It is Brooks’ first carbon neutral product. In addition to incorporating recycled materials in this shoe, Brooks will purchase carbon offsets from projects that meet strict criteria for making a meaningful difference in addressing climate change.

The company also plans to reduce its usage of non-renewable resources by incorporating more sustainable materials into products while minimizing the waste associated within the manufacturing process. In 2022, the brand will launch a take-back program, which will lay the groundwork for a fully circular shoe in the years to come. By 2023, Brooks will move to 100% recycled polyester in footwear and new apparel materials and is committed to zero footwear manufacturing waste to landfill, incineration, and the environment by 2025.