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Badger Unveils Sweatless Line of Apparel


Combining performance with a technology message, Badger Sport last month unveiled an innovative line of stock performance apparel called  Sweatless Get a Grip, a “two-in-one” design that features lightweight sweatband panels sewn into key action areas of performance garments in order to provide athletes with superior grip, eliminating the need for a complimentary towel. 

The collection features an athletic-cut tee, long-sleeve and short, in the six most popular team colors. 

“In our work with athletes, we saw that grip is so important in competition; players are constantly reaching for towels to wipe their hands,” explains Ginny Gasswint, SVP–product development for Badger Sport.  “Why not include sweatbands as part of the garment?  Any sport that involves throwing or catching a ball, or gripping a racquet or bat benefits. When we tested with players, they loved the feature."

Badger explains the new garments this way: “Athletic performance gear wicks sweat away from the skin. This critical feature keeps athletes lightweight and cool, but does not allow for hands to be wiped off mid-game. Sweatless incorporates absorbent micro-terry panels so hands can be kept clean and dry for no-slip grip. The lightweight panels are placed in key strategic locations so players can quickly wipe their hands or brow without breaking their momentum.  

“Badger has a proud history of making innovation available to teams of all levels, coupled with the relentless quantity testing of our proprietary performance lab,” adds Jeff Fulp, director of quality assurance for Founder Sport Group, the parent company of Badger Sport. “Sweatless is the latest example of our mission — quality apparel accessible to all at the speed of sport.”

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Sep 1, 2022


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