Asics Launches MetaSpeed Sky, MetaSpeed Edge


This week Asics unveiled the MetaSpeed Sky and MetaSpeed Edge racing shoes. The two running shoe models are designed to support distinct running types — stride runners and cadence runners.

Three of the brand’s elite athletes set personal best marathon times while racing in early prototypes of the shoes. In addition to a light and bouncy midsole, both models also feature a full-length carbon plate. In the design process at the Asics Institute of Sports Science, the Asics team looked at the basic formula for running speed.  When considering this equation, Asics decided to focus on trying to increase runner’s stride length to ultimately improve their speed.

The MetaSpeed Sky is designed to help runners go faster by extending their stride length. The brand describes stride-type runners as taking a longer stride once they start increasing their speed. Meanwhile, the MetaSpeed Edge model is designed for cadence-type runners — those who increase both cadence and stride as they run faster. The MetaSpeed Edge is built to help these runners experience a fast underfoot feel, according to the brand, with the bouncy midsole and propulsive carbon plate allowing runners to elongate their stride and conserve more energy while controlling their pace.

The Meta Speed Sky model will be available globally via the Asics website and at select specialty retail stores beginning today.. The MetaSpeed Edge model will be available starting June 4. Both shoes will retail for $250.

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