Artist Romero Britto Partners with PHIT America to Get Kids Moving


Britto, a company led by international artist Romero Britto, along with PHIT America and its partners will be promoting a series of Britto-designed sport and fitness images in the “Let’s Get Kids To Play” campaign, followed by a $10,000 Britto Coloring Contest to shine a spotlight on the need to get kids active and moving for better health and happiness.

PHIT America, whose mission is to improve the physical and mental health of children through physical activity, will be teaming with partners such as the Julia Love Pritt Private Foundation and 20 companies from the sports and fitness industry to promote Get Active and Play. People throughout the world will see a series of Britto’s colorful images encouraging kids to run, be fit, play tennis, golf, swim, ride a bike or play team sports … all posted by Britto and PHIT America partners.

This will be followed by a $10,000 BRITTO PHIT America Coloring Contest where kids can also submit their own designs featuring these same sports or activities. Hundreds of prizes will be randomly awarded along with prizes set for the best designs submitted by children.

“Ever since I learned about PHIT America, I saw the need to dedicate myself to getting kids healthier and happier through increased physical activity,” explains Romero Britto. “Kids are way too sedentary and unhealthy, so, we are promoting the Let’s Get Kids To Play” campaign for Happy Healthy Kids artwork through my network.

“The Coloring Contest will engage kids while we promote the importance of physical activity and sports for improved health,” he adds. “ I hope everyone can get involved with this important mission and support PHIT America.”  Watch video from Britto.

“We have to grab people’s attention and PHIT America is focused more than ever on the importance to be physically active for improved health and mental well-being,” adds Jim Baugh, founder of PHIT America. “This campaign will look very different from any other. And the coloring contest will engage kids.“

“We need to overcome the Inactivity Pandemic,” Baugh continues, pointing to a recent UNICEF report that showed U.S. kids were ranked last in physical health – 38th out of 38 countries – and 93 percent of all children in America are not active to CDC physical activity standards. “One of the big reasons for this is that almost 50 percent of schools have eliminated physical education and many have eliminated recess. Our kids are in bad shape and unhealthy. PHIT America is dedicated to overcoming this pandemic.”

Through its established physical activity programs, PHIT America has introduced more than 600,000 kids to physical activity in more than 1000 schools.  For more information:

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