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ACBC x Geox; Hari Mari Makes a Point With Cactus Leather


Certified Sustainability: ACBC x Geox

A new sustainable capsule collection of men’s and women’s sneakers from Geox, created in collaboration with ACBC, was unveiled at Milan Fashion Week in February, and will be available in Autumn/Winter ’22/’23. ACBC is a B Corp certified Circular Science Company that creates and produces green footwear with the aim of improving the conditions of the planet and people by using innovative technology. The ACBC x Geox sneakers feature recycled, bio-based and animal-free materials.

With the stated mission of being fashion sustainability leaders, Italy-based ACBC, founded in 2017, has been referred to in the Italian press as having the potential to “become for the fashion world what Tesla is for the automotive world.” ACBC says it “aims to reverse climate change through better business by empowering brands and people to make better, more conscious decisions for themselves as well as the planet.”

The ACBC x Geox sneakers feature recycled, bio-based materials, and play with contrasting textures and shine. The uppers are made with FreeBio, an alternative to animal leather.

For Geox, building off its history of comfort and performance innovation, the brand’s  “Geox breathes” slogan in the ACBC x Geox offering extends its meaning to include the value of environmental and social sustainability, with the understanding that people’s well-being is inextricably linked to that of the planet.

The two men’s and women’s models in the ACBC x Geox capsule play with the contrasting textures and shine of a tumbled-effect base in white or black and flowing side detail with a shiny or matte finish in blue, grey or silver. The sole, which is waterproof and breathable, is made with ReEVA, a compound that reduces the amount of EVA by blending it with recycled post-production rubber. It also has a recycled foam insole, composed of 98% post-production waste materials and 2% water-based glue, covered in natural cork. The inner uses ReCotton, obtained from recycled cotton fabrics or production offcuts, while the upper is made with FreeBio, an alternative to animal leather created with recycled materials and natural fillers such as wood fibers and calcium carbonate. These sneakers are supplied with two sets of laces: one 100% recyclable in jute fiber and the other in ReBotilia, a material derived from recycled PET bottles. The packaging is also entirely sustainable, with FSC-certified Geox boxes and paper shopping bags alongside FSC-certified labels and tissue paper.

Hari Mari Makes a Point With Cactus Leather

The new HM ECO line from TX-based footwear brand Hari Mari is an eco-friendly, capsule collection of flip flops made with cactus leather and 100% vegan construction.

“Using cactus-based leather and recycled rubber to create our new Sonoros sandal line is something our team at Hari Mari is pretty excited about,” says company founder Jeremy Stewart. “It echoes our brand’s long-standing commitment towards using responsibly-sourced materials in our footwear. The Sonoros line feels like it’s the beginning of something more meaningful in footwear — a shift toward a new path of design and sourcing that truly reflects customer values. And, since we’re based in Texas, using cactus is somewhat of a no brainer!”

The Sonoros sandals utilize material from the Nopal cactus, also known as the prickly pear.

The Eco-friendly, vegan leather straps and footbed are made of sustainable cactus fiber. The cactus leather used is an environmentally friendly organic material made of Nopal cactus, also known as the prickly pear. Cactus is a natural carbon sink and has a great CO2 sequestering capacity. The leather only utilizes the mature leaves of the plant without damaging the plant itself, enabling repeat harvest every 6-8 months from the same plants.

In addition to this faux-leather, Hari Mari worked within their supply chain to utilize old shoe sole rubber and create recycled rubber outsoles. The brand’s cushioned EVA midsole and arch support are also made using recycled EVA.

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