Trend Insight
Survey: Runners Talk Shop
When deciding where to shop and what to buy, runners consider many factors. In our latest consumer survey, more than 400 runners shared their shopping insights with us.

Notably, more than 65% told us their preferred shopping destination for running shoes is a run specialty store. Interestingly, 73% said they have a footwear brand in mind before they head to the store, but only 40% have a specific apparel brand in mind before shopping in-store. While sporting goods stores (71%) are the top choice to buy apparel, gear and accessories, run specialty stores are close behind (58%). On eco issues, 83% said sustainability is either “somewhat” or “very important” in their purchasing decisions, and 64% said they are willing to pay more for products with a strong sustainability story. And when it comes to the all-important topics of showrooming and price matching, consumers shared a wide range of comments on that issue. (See page 66 for their open-ended replies).

This survey conducted by MESH01 included 401 respondents, men and women, who are runners. Trend Insight is a feature within runstyle that delivers research conducted on the MESH01 Platform.MESH01 collects data from a select panel of active and outdoor enthusiasts.