2024 Newsletter
NFHS Update on High School Basketball Uniforms
The removal of a restriction on the front of jerseys is one of the basketball rule changes for the 2024-25 season by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

A change to Rule 3-4-4a removes the restriction of only lettering being allowed on the front of the jersey. If a logo or mascot is displayed on the front, it must be centered directly above the number in place of identifying names. This change does not require schools to purchase new uniforms and may allow some schools to wear current uniforms that were previously not permitted.

Also, the requirement of jersey numbers being of a clearly contrasting color from the jersey color goes into effect with the 2024-25 season.

Rule 1-19 clarifies that the use of electronic devices during the game must be limited to recording and tracking stats, reviewing plays or similar contest-related functions. The use of electronic devices for voice or video recording is prohibited.

Other rules changes approved by the committee include the following:

  • Rule 2-11-11 notes that if multiple scorers are at the scorer’s bench, the scorer(s) that is not official is responsible for comparing records with the official scorer, who then would notify a referee immediately of a discrepancy. This allows the official scorer to remain focused on game play and places the responsibility of comparing scoring information on auxiliary scorers.
  • Rule 3-3-6 states that if bench personnel are beckoned to attend to an injured player, whether they enter the court or not, the player is subject to removal from the game unless the coach requests a time-out.
  • If a player is bleeding or has blood on the uniform, Rule 3-3-7 now allows the player to remain in the game if the issue can be resolved in 20 seconds.