By Design
Let’s talk about products designed for women runners. Better yet, let’s talk to women runners about what they want in their running apparel, footwear and gear. We did.

And you know what? Brands are listening. In this issue’s feature story Designing For Women, brands tells how they are using real-time feedback from wear-testing and surveys to design for women’s bodies in motion. On top of the question of fit, brands are also working to promote beautiful designs with a purpose. Details are important! (Can you say pockets?)

Also in this issue, our Trend Insight consumer survey focuses exclusively on women who run. The comments from those we surveyed resonate perfectly with what brands are offering. For example, when asked which item is most important for the run, this answer from a 48-year-old female respondent summed it up:
“A supportive bra that doesn’t chafe. Footwear that fits the run road/trail. Visor when sunny, brimmed hat when raining, beanie when cold. Shorts that don’t ride
on my thighs. Tights that don’t have annoying seams that rub. I had an excruciating last 5 miles of a marathon experience!! Handheld water bottle holder that will fit key, gel and TP because you never know. High visibility shirt/vest because the winters are long and dark, and drivers/hunters are not always as alert as they should be.”  

There’s a powerful and growing demographic of female runners at all levels of the sport — each with their own individual needs. Women runners want to see running footwear, apparel and accessories messaging and/or imagery on runners who have bodies similar to their own. Invite them into your store, and show off how the products work for them, and what problems they solve.

But don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

Jeff Nott, Publisher