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FootBalance HOSSA, $80. Developed specifically for runners, offering maximum cushioning and moderate support, HOSSA insoles are designed to reduce stress-related injuries. The 100% custom insoles are molded and personalized in-store to the unique contours of a runner´s feet in less than three minutes. They have breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and plush PU foam and EVA cushioning add comfort. A Balance Plate helps the feet to a better alignment. HOSSA insoles are optimal for medium to high-volume shoes with a removable insole and are a good choice for trail running or for any customer looking for extra comfort in their running footwear.
Top insole choices for runners of all levels Arch support, shock absorption and custom fit are just three of the traits running consumers can find in some of the latest and greatest insoles on the market. Long-lasting comfort, energy return and pain relief are additional elements that can make adding an insole to a running shoe a good choice for consumers. Here, we highlight top offerings for the running market.

Cadence Original Orange, $49.95.

The brand’s most popular model in the run specialty channel, the Original Orange combines contoured support with shock absorbing comfort under the heel and forefoot. The Cadence support shell has a comfort zone in the heel, and the foam is a durable high-rebound polyurethane. It is a good choice for runners (and walkers and hikers) who appreciate mild to moderate support with exceptional shock absorbing comfort from heel to toe.

Aetrex Speed Orthotics, $69.95.

Featuring Aetrex’s signature arch support to help biomechanically align the body and prevent common sources of foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis and Metatarsalgia, these orthotics are built to reduce fatigue while running and to alleviate discomfort. A recent study of recreational runners tested running comfort with and without Aetrex’s Speed Orthotics. According to the brand, those wearing the orthotics reported comfort scores higher than those without them.

Currex RunPro, $54.95.

Designed to enhance the comfort and fit of running shoes and sneakers, Currex RunPro insoles provide comfort with reduced fatigue and enhanced stability. Available in three unique arch profiles, the insoles feature Currex’s Dynamic Arch Technology that allows the arch to remain in full contact with the insoles throughout the gait cycle, reducing overall pressure on the foot. A zero drop design provides a balanced fit inside all running shoes.

pedag Energy, $50.

Ideal for any type of athletic activity, this “endurance” insole offers support and stability and is optimizable to fit different arch heights — low, medium or high. It also boasts tech fabric made from functional fiber that provides grip and wicks moisture.

OrthoLite X40, $24.99.

Primarily found in footwear from OrthoLite’s brand partners, the X40 was recently made available direct to consumers as well. It features premium cushioning and rebound, with the cushioning compressing less than 5% over the lifetime of the insole. X40 insoles also offer a high level of breathability along with sweat wicking material.

Sorbothane Ultra SOLE, $36.99.

A performance insole that absorbs shock, returns energy and provides long-lasting comfort the Ultra SOLE combines a molded air-infused base with a Sorbothane heel inlay for shock absorbing comfort and impact protection. A unique Sorbothane Gel forefoot pad adds cushioning and returns fluid energy.

Superfeet Run Cushion, $54.99.

Providing signature Superfeet shape in a lightly structured, cushioning insole with a medium arch profile made to feel like part of a runner’s shoes. Run Cushion flexes and adapts to the foot’s natural motion for a smooth, easy ride. Moisturewick on the top cover helps reduce odors, and is made from 100% recycled materials. Fits well in running shoes and athletic footwear, including zero drop shoes. Trim to fit shoe size.