Runners Weigh in on Run Safety & More
We surveyed more than 300 runners and trail runners, asking them about how often they run, when and where they run, where they shop, and what their thoughts are on run safety. Their replies offered some interesting insight — 51% of respondents have visited a store looking for a run safety product, 50% would welcome a sales associate recommending a running safety related product to them, and 68% consider reflectivity as part of their decision when purchasing running footwear and apparel.Over 80% of respondents say they run 11 times or more per month, with the majority (51%) saying they run in the early morning and on the street (62%). Nearly half wear earbuds or AirPods while running and 86% say they typically run alone.The most popular destination for our respondents to purchase product is running specialty stores, with 61% reporting they buy their shoes there and 56% purchasing their apparel, gear and accessories at run specialty. Sporting goods stores and eCom sites were the next most popular shopping choices.
This survey conducted by MESH01 included 322 respondents, men and women, who are runners and trail runners. Trend Insight is a feature within runstyle that delivers research conducted on the MESH01 Platform.MESH01 collects data from a select panel of active and outdoor enthusiasts.
Selected Comments
I wear yellow reflector stuff, I forget about dogs until I see them then wish I had snacks or a rock. Female 55

I always have a form of navigation with me because I run ultra-long distance.,  Male 43

I run into so many off leash dogs it is wild, cars are never watching intersections and the weather can change quickly so I attempt to be prepared. Male 36

I always run alone, so I have a watch with cellular phone capabilities in case I need emergency assistance. For example if I injure myself on a trail run. Male 54

Consider. I know the dogs on my local route. The people and their cars are a wildcard. I switched to bone conducting headphones a couple of years ago as a safety thing. Male 48

There are a lot of coyotes in my city and I usually encounter them once a week during runs. If I run around my local parks, I also encounter people. Female 60

Hot temperatures require some planning  (clothing, carry water, etc). Female 53

I live in a fairly rural community and worry more about mountain lions and coyotes if running outdoors on a trail.  Female 44

No. I’m hard to catch. Male 33

I carry pepper spray with me whenever I go for a run. In the cooler months, I also bring my dog which makes me feel like I have extra protection with me. Female 29

Cars and traffic. I purposely avoid busy streets because so many drivers do not pay attention to or respect runners. Weather - in the winter I always check the forecast.  Male 49

One of the reasons I run late at night or early in the morning is to not have to be concerned about traffic.  Male 36
* Selected Comments
As long as they are not pushy. Female 48

As long as it was not gimmicky. Female 60

As long as they did it in a way that didn’t make me feel like a wimp.  Male 39

For dogs, foxes, bears. Female 39

I wouldn’t appreciate this, but my wife would.  Male 37

If it was a man I would feel like it was condescending.  Female 25

It would have to be a soft sell. The issue here is that selling the product means selling the problem which means stoking fear. That can be demeaning, demoralizing, or worse.  Female 52

I used to work at a running store so it depends on their level of knowledge.  Female 39

As long as it’s a suggestion and not pushing a certain product. Male 48

As a lifelong runner, having run in every condition and environment imaginable, I might find that to be condescending. If a salesperson were to ask me first if I had any safety concerns and I said yes, then that’s fine, but unsolicited advice would be annoying.  Male 49