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Boot Book: The Essentials

Durability, comfort and protection never go out of style in the work and safety footwear category. And even as the footwear business has been challenged in 2020, work footwear has continued to deliver with performance, style and more.

Easy as 1, 2, 3..

Three trends to watch in “on the job” footwear options: Made in USA; Comfort on the Job; and Lightweight Style.

The Boot Book: On The Job And Off The Clock

There’s a new breed of work boots in town. High-tech, high style, high comfort and high energy, they are designed to work 24/7, and when the job is done, they know how to walk away and play hard, too.

On the Job: Real Workers Sound Off

Lawn and garden workers, delivery drivers, restaurant workers, nurses and doctors are on their feet day in and day out on the job. But these hard-working consumers aren’t looking for a traditional work boot.

Work It Out

For a large — and growing — group of professionals, what they put on their feet is part of the critical equipment for the day. Whether it’s nurses, chefs, waiters, urban farmers, lawn and garden pros, fishermen or warehouse and delivery drivers, these work shoe and boot wearers are looking for...