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Answering The Call for Back-To-School

As schools prepared to open this fall and hoped to play a semblance of a fall sports season, team dealers turned to their key vendors for assistance in getting the right product to the right places at the right time during this school year unlike any other.

The Team Dealer’s Home-Field Advantage

Getting back to business opens up a host of opportunities for independent dealers. One thing is certain in these uncertain times — business will never be conducted as it used to be, even a few months ago...

A New Active Uniform

Trend forecasters are having a field day predicting what consumers will want to wear in the future. The “Work From Home” wardrobe established during coronavirus restrictions likely will stick around, but even that category of clothing will give way to new...

The Vendor Response to a Pandemic

With much of the team sports business grinding to a halt over the past two months, Team Insight and Team Insight Extra, our digital newsletter, have been busy chronicling the myriad efforts being made by suppliers to the team industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bringing the Heat

How to keep warm in cold weather has challenged the best and the brightest in the business over the decades, inspiring advances in insulation materials, strategic layering, engineered fibers and smart yarns.

Be Aware of the Tax Man

The Washington Department of Revenue recently ruled that one Internet sports apparel retailer had substantial “nexus” with the state merely because a representative visited the state for “sizing nights” during which he helped local teams determine the correct uniform size.

Retro Vibes

Culturally, the 1990s are characterized by music — grunge, the rave scene and hip hop — and technology, including cable television and the World Wide Web. The Cold War was over and the dot-com bubble brought wealth. It was a diverse period, and fashion followed suit.

The Buzz About Fishing

Fishing is having a moment. And beyond equipment, categories such as apparel and footwear are being impacted.According to the Outdoor Industry Association’s 2019 Special Report on Fishing, female fishing participation reached an all-time high in 2018, at 17.7 million.

Hemp So Hot Right Now

‍Asheville, NC-based footwear brand Astral is making a name for itself with its offerings of sustainable solutions in its footwear line. The brand’s growing collection of #NatureFirst performance casual shoes now includes the Hemp Baker, Hemp Loyak and Hemp Maria.

The Great (Urban) Outdoors

Consumers in urban environments (and suburban ones too, for that matter) with busy lives are increasingly looking to outdoor endeavors for balance. We asked execs at outdoor brands for their thoughts on the urban-outdoor trend and where it’s headed.

Material Matters

The desire to make shoes faster, lighter, more durable, more cushioned or just plain more comfortable has driven some of the biggest franchises in the footwear world. (After all, where would Nike be without Air?)

Festival Daze

Whether it’s Coachella or Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza or Mo Pop, shoes put the exclamation point on a killer festival outfit. But the perfect street-to-stage style needs more than good looks. Festival footwear also needs to feel good for a full day and night of shows in every kind of weather...

Work It Out

More than 70 years after women flocked to the trades during World War II, they’ve established themselves as an essential part of the growing modern work force. But the world of work boots and shoes has been slow to catch up.

What’s Trending at FFANY

Textured leathers, cozy teddy-bear linings and lots of sparkle and shine are on tap at FFANY, going on this week in New York City. The FFANY Shoe Expo is taking place at Warwick Hotel and Academy Mansion, with FFANY Market Week also spreading out across brand showrooms throughout Manhattan.

Recycling Reinvented

Helpsy is a for-profit B Corp with a mission to “radically change the way people think about clothing recycling.” Last year the firm collected over 25 million pounds of clothes. For co-founder Rachel Kibbe, it’s just the beginning. We caught up with the exec to chat about the bones of her business.

Vegan Sheep?

Animal rights activists took to the streets of New York City this winter with posters and protests denouncing companies for abuse of animals in the manufacturing of goods.