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A Salute to Sustainability

The uniform market is underserved when it comes to sustainability and circular economy,” states Amelia Eleiter, Debrand co-founder, who points out the importance of the uniform supply industry.

Carbon Control

Momentum to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb environmental impacts is gaining traction as shoe brands re-evaluate processes and materials. Carbon is a key talking point this season with carbon offsets, carbon neutrality and carbon negative labeling all coming into play...

Hip Hemp

Hemp is riding high this season, and for good reason. The natural fiber is durable, earth-friendly and hits the mark with multi-purpose functionality that includes inherent antimicrobial properties — all attributes top of mind with today’s active outdoorists.

Natural Wonders

Shoe brands are working wonders when it comes to sustainability by using natural and recyclable materials. We take a closer look at sustainability stories from brands such as Twisted X, Timberland, Vionic, Sanuk, Kodiak, Simple and more.

A Modern Make

Concerned about the impact of fast fashion’s carbon footprint and spectacular levels of textile and apparel waste, today’s forward-thinking manufacturers are elevating the age-old concept of custom-make by investing in high-tech platforms built for efficiency, low minimums and transparency.

Eco Incentives to Shelter Better

With the home now the central hub for all areas of our lives, indoors is the new outdoors in terms of staying healthy and being environmentally aware. “By choosing safe and sustainable materials, we can positively impact our own health along with the health of the planet.

Pick Three: Spring ’21 Outdoor Style Preview

A sneak peek at a few outdoor styles to watch for next spring: Ecco's Exowrap Sandal, the Oboz Sypes collection and the eco-friendly Merrell Cloud Knit.

An Eco Awakening

These days consumers and corporations alike are rethinking how to create a better future. With nature playing a central role in the pandemic, a big question being asked personally and professionally is, “How do we as a society gauge what is appropriate for the environment?”

Adidas Makes, Donates Football Field Out of 1.8 Million Plastic Bottles

Using the Super Bowl last week in Miami Gardens as a backdrop, Adidas created a sustainable artificial turf football using approximately 1.8 million plastic bottles. The company then donated the field made from this upcycled plastic waste to...

The Whole Package

With an increasing number of cities and municipalities eliminating the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam at retail, both consumers and companies are thinking more about how they package and transport products.

Yes, Consumers Want Green

So what does “green” mean in terms of footwear today? The products shown here illustrate the latest ways brands are expanding eco options to satisfy shopper desire for shoes that feature a lighter environmental footprint. Performance and aesthetics remain front and center but earth-friendly...

Mission Possible

Textile firms are setting ambitious environmental goals as the need to expand the boundaries of sustainability takes on a heightened sense of urgency within the industry. Which is understandable; According to recent analysis from the United Nations, we have 12 years to limit our climate crisis.

Emerging Enterprises

Even companies rooted in green ideals are upping their sustainability profile as it becomes increasingly clear within the textile industry that doing good for the planet has become the modern business model.