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All Star Solutions

What’s new in online marketing? Recently launched #SupimaStrong COVID-19 Relief Project where we reached out to Supima Design Competition alumni and offered fabric to make homemade masks for...

2020 in 3D

In a time of Zoom meetings and virtual trade shows, Taiwan-based Frontier has experienced increased demand for its digital fabric development platform. The co-working software as a service (SaaS) designed to digitize fabrics, enhance supply chain management and employ 3D design capabilities...

The Future of Gathering

As the “old” days of shuttling to presentations and large trade shows in early 2020 seem like just a blur, industry executives are currently doubling down on how the business of marketing and selling textiles will change. Webinars and Zoom calls have filled in a lot of in-person gaps...

The Whole Package

With an increasing number of cities and municipalities eliminating the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam at retail, both consumers and companies are thinking more about how they package and transport products.

Sustainability 2019

“Being sustainable doesn’t happen in a year…and if you haven’t started, make 2019 the year, because you are behind.” This is according to Amy Horton, senior director of sustainable business innovation for the Outdoor Industry Association, which prides itself as a resource for brands looking to...

Small Companies, Big Ideas

In an industry that can be dominated by huge conglomerates, small – and even tiny – companies are standing out by presenting innovative ideas. Here are three notable names currently on our radar.

Reframing the Waste Hierarchy

The mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has been around for years. As we move forward with new standards of sustainability, and consumers make more considered choices, we identify three innovative ways to extend the life of garments.

Suiting Up

With consumers spending more on experiences, travel is on the rise. People these days are chasing the sun around the globe and filling their suitcases and backpacks with swimwear.

Timely Topics

With hemp, marijuana and CBD proliferating in the news — in a sometimes confusing manner — we reached out to industry insiders and gathered facts. Here is what you need to know about hemp now.

New Age Performance

The time is here for significant change in how textiles are sourced, produced and communicated to consumers. A collective rallying cry for sustainable practices grows louder every day as news reports of climate change become frequent and the proliferation of ocean plastic pollution makes headlines.