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In The Studio

Tailored for Today

The origins of clothing sizes dates back to the 1800s with military uniforms for men, and slowly evolved into the domestic market. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) ushered in the next wave of sizing reform with a yearlong study titled Women’s Measurements for Garment and...

Ergonomically Speaking

We often think of ergonomics in terms of creating a more compatible computer keyboard or office chair so that these items fit the people who use them in the workplace. But these days ergonomics is being employed to advance development of active sportswear.

What to Watch in 2021

From Spiber’s Brewed Protein to Yakima Chief Ranches’ breeding of new hop varieties, innovation is brewing in the material world. While there aren’t yet game-changing textiles derived from beer, demand for highly-functional eco-alternatives along with wider acceptance of biotech offerings...

Face Time

As a newly evolving category in the run marketplace, face masks are still finding their footing. Some businesses in the running market, for example, see mask sales as an opportunity, while other businesses, even though supporting the wearing of masks, balk at the responsibility of choosing...

Wearing What Matters

Creativity in the time of isolation has designers turning to what they have on hand. “We learn to adapt and use creativity to forward that,” says Kim Brannock, who turned header card swatches as well as old camping gear into good-looking functional products during COVID restrictions.