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Five Factors Influencing Market Dynamics

A dozen companies participated in our Altered States coverage, with execs taking time out of their busy days (“hectic” was often used to describe workday schedules) to respond to our questions. Here’s what they had to say about new ways of conducting business, while missing face-to-face experiences.

In Pursuit of Movement & The Way We Move Now

More than 1 million hula hoops sold last year and a new category of jump rope influencers took Instagram by storm. Walks around the neighborhood replaced crowded boutique fitness classes and bike racks were back ordered for six months.

Roadways To Profitability

Outdoor Research has been successfully making high-performance apparel and gear domestically for decades at its headquarters in Seattle. But when the time came for the company to increase capacity and accelerate product development, Seattle wasn’t the solution; the local labor market was tapped out.

The New 9 to 5

What to wear to the office? Anything you want. When it comes to workday footwear, the only rules are what looks good — and keep you comfortable for a day doing it all. These fall ’20 styles run the gamut: sleek boots and booties, animal prints of all species, sneakers, loafers...

2020 Vision

As we prepare for the start of a new decade in 2020, Team Insight asked the leading executives in the world of team sports — dealers, associations, reps, manufacturers — for their thoughts on what the next 10 years will bring for the business.

Sustainability 2019

“Being sustainable doesn’t happen in a year…and if you haven’t started, make 2019 the year, because you are behind.” This is according to Amy Horton, senior director of sustainable business innovation for the Outdoor Industry Association, which prides itself as a resource for brands looking to...

Functional Traveler

If it feels like contemporary society is in constant motion, it’s because it’s true. Whether for business or adventure, travelers continue to up their game; execs nowadays hit multiple cities in a day for meetings, crisscross continents within a week for trade events, and rack up...

Mission Possible

Textile firms are setting ambitious environmental goals as the need to expand the boundaries of sustainability takes on a heightened sense of urgency within the industry. Which is understandable; According to recent analysis from the United Nations, we have 12 years to limit our climate crisis.

Emerging Enterprises

Even companies rooted in green ideals are upping their sustainability profile as it becomes increasingly clear within the textile industry that doing good for the planet has become the modern business model.

Go Everywhere

The shoes we want right now? They’re the ones that do it all. Boots that keep up on the trail and look at home on a night out. Trail runners that bring you up the mountain and through town. Shoes that make life easier, more comfortable and more fun no matter what the day has in store.