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On the Rebound

Unfinished business. That’s the best way to describe the 2019-20 basketball season, which will remain, for the most part, forever in limbo with many unanswered questions and dreams frozen in time.

NBA Names Wilson As Official Ball; Spalding Is Not Happy

The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) announcement last month that Wilson Sporting Goods Co. will replace Spalding as the official game ball of the NBA starting with the 2021/22 season certainly did not sit well with Spalding.

SFIA: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Flag Football Lead Team Sports Growth

After years of stagnant activity rates, 2019 saw three million more Americans take part in some sport or fitness activity, according to the SFIA’s annual Topline Participation Report. The report found that team sports, fitness and outdoor activities categories showing the most growth.

Slam Dunk

Strong professional leagues, expanding college programs and strong and steady high school participation underpin the steady growth and success of women’s basketball. And because this is an Olympic year, there is lots of potential for substantial growth opportunities, particularly due to the...

Bank Shots

The news is positive for both girls’ and boys’ basketball as the sport continues to attract players of all ages and ability levels. The 2019 SFIA Basketball Single Sport Participation Report reveals that in 2018 a total of 24.2 million played the game — 77.9 percent male and 22.1 percent female.

Hard on the Hardwood

While it may not command a ton of hard goods, basketball remains one of the top team sports for dealers. Why? Because all of those uniforms, warmups, bags, balls and fanwear are being purchased and used year-round by an increasing number of both boys and girls.

New Balance Takes a Shot with Kawhi Leonard

New Balance has finally punched its re-entry ticket into the NBA, signing Toronto Raptor and former Brand Jordan endorser Kawhi Leonard to a multi-year endorsement contract reportedly valued at more than $5 million annually.

NBA Draftees With Global Allure Draw Attention

Style tie-ins and potential as a global brand ambassador were the two dominant themes that emerged from the NBA Draft last week. First selection Zion Williamson, who went to the New Orleans Pelicans as expected, to date he has not yet signed an athletic shoe endorsement deal.